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Success Stories

"Scotti helped me experience symptom relief from early on"

Scotti's expertise, sincere curiosity and determination changed my life, and for this reason, I can never express my sincere gratitude or thank her enough. As an evidence-based nutritionist, Scotti’s knowledge in women's health and particularly perimenopause is priceless and in fact complements her sincere interest in learning & solving each individual client’s unique needs. 


The complexities that accompany being an autistic woman with ADHD increased throughout my 40’s, affecting my quality of life in diminishing ways. By always listening and tireless questioning, Scotti helped me experience symptom relief from incredibly early on in our engagement. Scotti recognizes the value of functional medicine and the fundamental understanding that none of these issues can be treated in isolation, and that is why I have no hesitation in recommending her as a nutritionist. 


"Her outstanding professionalism and knowledge are immediately apparent"

Scotti has been my nutritionist and functional medicine guide during my struggles with hormone imbalance and post-burnout recovery. Her outstanding professionalism and knowledge are immediately apparent. Yet what I appreciated the most was her ability to provide clear and actionable guidance that empowers you to become an agent in your own healing. Scotti is deeply empathetic and adapts with ease to people's needs and circumstances. I am impressed by her ability to zoom in with precision into specific aspects of the treatment while always keeping the big picture and the ultimate goal foremost in her mind. It has been a real pleasure working with her.


"I highly recommend Scotti"

I’ve had the benefit of being coached by Scotti. I highly recommend her! Her approach to nutrition was tailored to my unique needs and goals. One aspect of her service that particularly stood out to me was her organized note-taking and follow-ups. Scotti is very thorough in her assessments and is always sure to follow up with any questions or concerns that may arise. I highly recommend Scotti for anyone seeking personalized nutrition and functional medicine services. Her professionalism, positive attitude, and thorough approach make her an excellent practitioner in her field.


"Scotti has cut through the noise, and it's working! "

I’ve had the benefit of being coached by Scotti over the last year in dealing with ongoing bone health, digestive issues, and fatigue. I’ve found her to be extremely thorough and knowledgeable, and I’ve appreciated her kind and customized guidance.  She has met me where I am, and consistently brings insight and inspiration to our conversations around my health plan.  Having dealt with these challenges for a while, I’m familiar with much of the nutritional advice available on the internet. However, I’ve often found it either maddeningly basic or overwhelming in its contradictions.  Scotti has cut through the noise and helped me focus on the steps that can make the biggest difference for my health.  And it’s working! I am more aware of my triggers and feel more in control as a result.  It feels good to be feeling so much better and I am grateful for Scotti’s coaching.


"Scotti gave me clear direction "

I have worked with Ms McLaren on various occasions, first as I was struggling with my anxiety and then when I feared getting too close to burn-out. She gave me clear direction: from what exams to perform for a targeted approach to the most suitable food supplements, sleep and food regimen. I appreciated her insight into my situation, professionalism and of course, the results that I experienced - the ability to go back to work and thrive in a professional setting.


"Scotti keeps me motivated with her flexibility & creativity"

Scotti has been my coach for several months and I’m fully satisfied with these sessions and her holistic approach towards nutrition.  Having listened to me, she built recommendations tailored to my needs and way of living. She’s respectful to the client's rhythm of life, and adapts the coaching and the recommendations to the personal needs and availabilities. Small and easy to apply recommendations are making a big difference to me, in my eating behaviour and in my weight. She keeps your motivation thanks to her flexibility and creativity to adapt the recommendations to the clients’ style and social life, but always keeping the client in a professional road towards results. Scotti is motivated by her professional choice and you can notice it. I’m enjoying the sessions with her and I’m very happy with the results I can see in my life.


"All this has helped me no end with balancing my life"

Scotti has helped me identify not only my nutritional needs, but also the areas where my habits could be altered to a more comprehensive approach. I have a rare condition (EGPA) which affects my immune system, which in turn makes me more prone to illnesses. Plus my medication has long-term side effects, so my physical self needs long-term support. Scotti has helped me with all of this through tailored interventions, advice on well being and encouragement on fitness ... All this has helped me no end with balancing my life. I am delighted to say ‘thank you Scotti’ for all your past and future help.


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