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About Personalised Nutrition

Every individual is unique.

For example ... Inflammation may lead to heart disease in one person, and depression in another.

Personalised nutrition is focused on the individual, with recommendations tailored to their unique needs. It identifies potential imbalances in bodily systems and nutrient status, to determine how these may contribute to an individual’s symptoms and health concerns. Rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach, a personalised Health Strategy is adapted to the needs of each individual, taking into account the individual’s genetics, health history, nutritional status, desired outcomes and dietary preferences. Detailed functional laboratory tests can inform recommendations that are adapted to the unique biological individuality.


"As humans, approximately 99.9% of our genes are identical, but it’s the 0.1% difference that makes us all unique. Our individual genetic makeup means that the way in which we metabolise nutrients, the interactions of enzymes and the biochemical reactions that occur in our bodies differ from person to person - and therefore so do our responses to what we eat. And this is where Personalised Nutrition comes in."



Constructing your personalised plan

Below are some examples of considerations that go into constructing a dietary plan which is tailored to an individual's unique issues and needs.

One size doesn't fit all

The underlying triggers of illness and symptoms can be radically different from person to person. Just as the needs of each individual is unique, so should be the health approach. Each person has their unique genetics, health history and biochemical needs - not to mention dietary preferences and challenges of daily life.

Rather than providing generic advice such as "eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables per day", a personalised nutrition approach uses information gathered about the individual to drive targeted advice and support suited to that unique individual's health status and needs. A health strategy tailored to the individual may include a specific meal plan, targeted supplements and lifestyle modifications. These recommendations are adapted to the daily life of the individual.

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